Entrance requirements

The Master’s Programme is open to students with a bachelor’s degree with a major in theology, the study of religion, classical philology, classical archaeology, history or the equivalent. The Master’s Programme with its modules and courses progresses from the learning outcome, knowledge, skills and abilities obtained by the students through these bachelor’s programmes.

The Religious Roots of Europe  Master’s Progamme involves activities that require skills in both ancient and modern languages. You will be trained in reading ancient religious texts in their original language, and the teaching will be conducted in English. Hence, the programme has special entrance requirements concerning languages both ancient and modern.

If you wish to apply you must:

  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree with a major equivalent1 to:
    • Classical Archaeology
    • Classical Philology
    • History
    • Theology
    • The Study of Religion
  • Have documented that you have passed modules equal to (or more than) 20ECTS2 in:
    • Greek
    • Latin
    • Hebrew
    • Arabic
  • Have a documented proficency in English.


Applicants who wish to join the programme at the University of Bergen must do the following:

  • Read through the Study Plan
  • Send a letter of application containing a CV and a statement of motivation accompanied by the following documentation:
    • A certified transcript or bachelor certificate stating the subjects studied and the grades obtained, documenting that the applicant has completed or are completing a relevant bachelor’s degree3
    • Documented proficency in English
  • To the following adress:
    • Admission RRE, Faculty of Humanities, The University of Bergen, PO Box 7805, 5020 BERGEN, NORWAY
Deadline for admission to the 2014 class, starting September, is December 1, 2013 for overseas students, April 15, 2014 for students resident in Norway.

For information about the programme, contact Einar Thomassen (

Application at other host universities

In addition to the University of Bergen, applicants can apply, according to their own preference, for admittance at one of the five other Host Institutions. Note that application procedures, admission requirements and selection criteria follow the rules at the individual Host Institutions. Please visit their websites for further information:

Travelling and Finance

Student mobility is an essential and integrated part of the programme.

As a student you are expected to participate in compact seminars at the other host institutions and at the Nordic institutes in the Mediterranean area. Travel and accommodation are financed by the students. These extra expenses will be in the order of €3500 for the two years of study.

We are currently working to find solutions that can reduce the expenses for admitted students.

  1. If you are in doubt whether your major is equivalent to the listed disciplines, please contactus []
  2. We are aware of some universities using 15ECTS modules. We are working with possible arrangements. If you have passed such a module in any of the listed langauges and wish to apply, please contactus. []
  3. Students who have not yet obtained their degree or completed other required subjects at the time of application may be admitted on condition that the relevant documentation is submitted at the end of term. []